Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nag Matriculation School Walajapet

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(Near Walajapet)

A Prelude to Nag Matriculation School

Nag Matriculation School Foresees a Newer India, with greater potentially, resources, human power, academic achievement, allround performance leading a child, possessed with good information, appreciable moral stand, shaping the physique in the competitive world, helping them reach a height, aspired and attempted, run by Sree Selva Vinayaga Educational and Charitable Trust in Nag Matriculation School.

In Nag Matriculation School given, Good Healthy, Sound, steady mind, peaceful heart can be nurtured to bring up the National Wealth-the offsprings (Children) with innovative, healthy challenging education, to see India resourceful and researchful for attaining achievements as the vision of our Nag School correspondent Mr. S.C. Pillay.

A Bird’s eye view of Nag Matriculation School

The Great National Highways Road leading to Chennai connecting the important cities of India (ie) Bangalore, Chennai and Bombay is fortuned to accommodate Nag Matriculation School with her aesthetic appearance facing the North with two eyes opening for better and prosperous India.

In Nag Matriculation School there are 1500 students were studying in this academic year. Nag Matriculation students are come from near by around the area of Walajapet, Kaveripakkam, sumaithangi, Sriperumbudur, Arcot, vellore and Kanchipuram, etc.,

Facilities in Nag Matriculation School

In Nag Matriculation School provides ample accommodation, free and comfortable 30 seater class rooms, 300 seater a big Auditorium.

Nag School provides 40 personal computers, far and wide library with thousands of books, well equipped laboratories, kids corner, merry go round and slides, a big play ground for playing Cricket, Basket ball, Foot ball and Volley ball, Medical care Unit and lot more.

In Nag School

• Due emphasis is laid on the development of skills both co-curricular activities.

• Language fluency is insisted upon.

• Latest techniques have been introduced to tone up the process.

• Small group learning environment.

• Activity based learning.

• Responsive class room approach to develop social skills.

• Maximum atheletic skill development.

• Continuous academic monitoring system.

• Affordable fees with flexible terminal payment.

• Conveyance made possible to the close proximity.

• Students are activated to be a part of globilisation through a sophisticated and well equipped computer corner(lab)

• Moral instruction classes are conducted for character moulding.

Curriculum of Nag Matriculation School

In Nag Matriculation School follows matriculation syllabus recognized by State Government of Tamil Nadu and CBSE. And extra co-curricular activities such club activities, projects, field survey and field visit.

Nag Matriculation School


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